Sunday, May 26, 2013


Subject_02_Printable modeling

My final works will be real model via 3D Printer. So I want to make printable model in pc finally. At first, It needs united shape and no overlapped surface. And all surface will be made by triangle or square. No n-gon. So I have to lowfy model line, subtract just index finger (number 2 finger) only. And for flowing & recognizable model etching the motion frame point (lowfied).

Sorting line (index finger)

 Etching frame point

For making united one shape, I use union function in maya program. But it is too complicated object, so the program occur errors. So I use same function both in c4d. And I export the object with collada format has only triangle polygon surface finally.

Working both (Maya & C4D)

Final maya modeling

Final model test render

Anaglyph testing